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Happy Tails

Some of our babies in their new happy homes!

Sawyer and Mason

Sawyer and Mason

“As first time dog owners, my husband and I wanted to make sure and find just the right breeder for our new pup. We knew we wanted a Goldendoodle, but had called several breeders without feeling totally confident. The moment we talked to Jay, Debby and Bekah, we knew that Lonestar Doodles was for us. They answered all of my questions about bringing home our puppy, and were so incredibly helpful in the process. We were able to describe what we were wanting in a puppy, and they helped us pick out the perfect one. We’ve had our pup for about 13 months now, and we couldn’t be happier. Sawyer, is happy, smart, and so friendly. He is easily trainable, and a great companion. Everyone comments on how cute he is, and he makes friends wherever he goes. Anytime we have needed help, Jay, Debby and Bekah have been there for us. If you’re looking for an amazing dog from great people, Lonestar Doodles is the place to go!”

The Heston Family- Houston


Goldendoodle puppies

Ruby in TIme Out

We are thrilled with our Goldendoodle and our experience with Lonestar Doodles. We spent a long time looking for the right breeder and I’m so glad that we found them!

We chose an F1 female (Ruby). I’ll admit my husband was a bit skeptical about getting a larger breed dog because he grew up with small dogs. He adores her! We also have a 22-month-old little girl and I’m just amazed at how well she interacts with her. She is loving and gentle with her as if she just knows that she is a baby. She is also unbelievably smart! Ruby is currently 4 months old and I’ll admit she is every bit a “puppy” who loves to play, take walks, and spend time outdoors.

We picked our puppy based on pictures that Lonestar sent to us because we were not able to make the trip from Houston to Dallas prior to picking her up. I was very nervous about not having the chance to meet her before choosing her. Lonestar sent us many pictures and even sent us video of her playing with her littermates. Ruby is currently a light golden color with a wavy coat. She is definitely a head turner. Everywhere we go people stop us to ask about her. The vet also adores her and is thrilled with her health and appearance. Ruby is our first puppy. After we brought her home I had a number of questions (feeding amounts, training, vaccinations) and Lonestar Doodles was extremely helpful and responsive.

The Matlock Family – Houston

golden doodles


Crosby is truly the best dog and we couldn’t be more pleased in his behavior or appearance. He is extremely playful, loves other dogs and babies and children. He loves riding in the car and meeting new people and dogs, and still lets us pick him up like a baby. He has been such a good puppy, he hasn’t had any issues with chewing things besides his toys and he has slept through the night and been fully potty-trained since he was about 8-10 weeks old. When we bring Crosby places with us, I can’t tell you how many people stop to meet him and talk to us about him, and we always recommend y’all as breeders.

Heather and Sam Cole- Dallas

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Jean-Ralphio- aka “Ralph” has been the best puppy. He is a real attention getting and he sure does loves every moment of it! Lonestar doodles have some of the best doods. Super easy to work with and very helpful. I have already sent friends their way and every one of them have been very pleased.” I really am pleased and am thankful for the little my Goldendoodle dood! He makes my days brighter =).

G. Emery- Oklahoma City



If you are in the market for a caring, loving, beautiful, highly intelligent, non-shedding, canine family member…look no further. I bought my Goldendoodle puppy, Lizzie, last year and am constantly amazed that at nine months she retrieves on land and in the water like a pro (taught herself), catches balls by jumping into the air after them, knows sit/stay/come/shake… is incredibly patient, and has this intense willingness to learn. Hands down the most trainable pup I’ve ever been around and I’m already putting a deposit on my next one!! I will always have a Lonestar Doodle in my family.

S Hoots- Nashville

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We just wanted to send you an update on Duke. He seems to have literally doubled in size in a week! We are already so attached to him. He’s so smart (already knows his name and knows to stay away from the cat’s food). He cried the first night and it was pretty rough (like having a newborn baby). The next night we put a radio next to his crate and it helped. He’s been sleeping like a baby ever since. He’s pretty well house trained. He seems to recognize key words like potty, treat, baby (he plays with a gray squeaky elephant), baby, and come. I’ve never owned such a smart dog! We are so happy with Duke. I can’t imagine life without him!

The Glenn Family- Southlake

Goldendoodle Dallas Texas


“Hello!! Wesson is a DOLL! He’s adorable and so so laid back. Very rarely gets excited and when he does its so funny!!! After he runs or gets excited he looks at us like he can’t believe he did that. He’s perfect for an inside dog! He is SO protective over our girls!! He won’t let other people’s dogs close to them!! He’s great!! The groomers absolutely love him! We have his hair washed and eyes/sanitary done often and he is so laid back about it!”

The Hendricks Family- Dallasr

Goldendoodles rock!


If you are a first time Goldendoodle owner, we would highly recommend Lonestar Doodles! From the beginning the McCarley family understood and anticipated our needs. And I know we were “needy” being new puppy owners. They never once hesitated to help us with any of our questions and/or needs. We truly feel that we are blessed to have partnered with Lonestar Doodles to complete our new addition to our family. We love our Brownstone aka “Brownie “and we love Lonestar Doodles!

The Cross Family- Aledo



We can’t believe our puppy Ivy Mae (formerly Hailey) is 6 months old! Our family is now complete with her. From day one she has been one incredible little puppy. We can’t get over how smart she is. She listens so well, crate trained so easily and just loves our two children. She has grown fast! Ivy is a beautiful puppy. We receive so many compliments and talk to so many strangers about her. She has long poodle legs and still has her puppy coat. We’re beginning to notice it starting to change a bit and she may go for a hair cut soon but we just love her messy look. Ivy is the best dog any family could have hoped for. Thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your babies.”

The Morrow Family- Houston

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Reece is doing excellent!! He is just the cutest Goldendoodle puppy ever. We have been using your training techniques and he is doing awesome. Our daughter Payton and him are best buds. His temperament is perfect. He loves other dogs, animals, adults and children! We couldn’t ask for anything better. He is truly an excellent dog!!!! We love him so much.

Taylor, Ryan, and Payton Bunch

goldendoodle breeders


Just got the report from our vet! Oakley is “Bright and alert, with a crisp responsive mental attitude. Pet has excellent body control, posture, balance, and coordination. It’s reflexes are brisk and sharp. Perception of it’s environment and body position are very well tuned.” Gotta love a Lonestar Doodle!! I would recommend these breeders to anyone, and I have!! It is hard to go anywhere without everyone oohing and awing over him and asking where we got him! Thank you Lonestar Doodles for bringing this amazing Goldendoodle pup into our lives!

The Phillips Family- Boissier City



Our experience with Lonestar Doodles was stress free. Debby and Jay walked us through the entire process from helping us choose our Goldendoodle puppy, Riley, to helpful training tips and care. Even now when I have a question I email Debby and she is very quick and helpful with her response! I will always recommend Lonestar Doodles!

The Jensen Family- Sugarland

The Brinkley's

Lulu and the Brinkley Boys

LuLu is the sweetest girl ever!! From the time we got her she has only had a couple of accidents. She is totally awesome with our 2 toddlers. Very gentle! She loves to carry around her “babies” and almost always has something to carry around in her mouth. She loves to play with other dogs and to ride in the car! We LOVE her silly hair!

The Brinkley Family- Tyler

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Tessa loves children and people in general. Tessa is very smart and follows commands well. The commands that she know are; sit, shake, high five, turn (motion into a circle), lay, Let’s go/ stop, stay, leave it (for dead lizards, etc. sniffs). We are so happy to have Tessa in our lives; she brings us so much joy. We thank God for Tessa and the special blessing that she is to our family!

Bob and Debbie McCann- Houston



My Fiancé and I wanted a Goldedoodle for over a year and once we found Lonestar Doodles, we knew we found where our Dood would come from. In December, 2014, Oliver was born. We picked him up 7 weeks later and he has been the best dog ever!

Oliver’s temperament is wonderful and training him was a breeze! He just turned 4 months old and might need a brother soon!

Thank you Debby, Jay and Lonestar Doodles for everything!

Brandon and Courtney Peugh – Carrollton

Teddy and Laura


I’ve been meaning to email you an update on Teddy! I don’t think I can fully describe how much I love this puppy, but I’ll try.

From the very beginning Teddy was smart and catching onto things quickly. I actually taught him to shake over breakfast one day (He knows: sit, stay, wait, go to your crate, shake, high five, lay down, up, down, spin, speak, hush, and “hug” at 4 months).

He is the sweetest thing to come home to every day. All of my family and friends adore his loving personality. He is hands-down one of the best decisions I’ve made and I cannot be happier that I chose a golden doodle and that I bought him through Lonestar Doodles. Thank you for placing me with my darling puppy.

Laura M.- Mom of Teddy



I wanted to send pictures of our favorite boy! I also wanted to let you know that I was never a “dog” person before getting Sully. Well let me tell you, that has all changed! Sully is rooted deeply in my heart! He is the most loved member of our family!

He is very well behaved and very smart. He learns very quickly. He is very gentle with our 5-month-old granddaughter & loves to play chase with the older granddaughters. He is very calm and his soft curls are very therapeutic to caress. He loves both his shower & primping! He has never had knotted hair, he does not shed, and he always smells good! We take him everywhere & he always attracts a crowd.

We hope everyone else loves his or her Doodle as much as we do! We could not be happier or more in love with any person. He does not know he is a dog! Thank you for our sweet boy!

Susie & Bundy H. – Sully’s Parents